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The immigration process is very detailed and tedious, with a great deal of paperwork and legal knowledge needed to be successful. The Carrillo Law Firm works with new and potential U.S. citizens to ensure an effortless and efficient transition. There can be numerous financial obligations, legal terms, and other issues involved. We are here to assist you in understanding each of these matters thoroughly.

The Carrillo Law Firm can file petitions for your relatives to enter the U.S., help you become a U.S. resident or a U.S. citizen, and defend deportations as long as there are no criminal records present.


The possibility of deportation causes much stress, fearing that you will lose all you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If you are faced with deportation, immediately contact an attorney and do not sign anything. We will fight to keep you in the United States and defend you every step of the way.


If your relative has been detained by immigration authorities, it is possible that they may be transferred to a facility out of the state. This transfer may be prevented, if the individual is represented locally. Detainees also need to be cautious when signing anything while in custody, since they may be signing their deportation order without understanding what they are signing. These are just a few of the many reasons why proper, legal representation while in custody is very important.


If you are eligible to apply to become a legal permanent resident of the United States and obtain your “green card”, we will complete the application for you, and assist you throughout the entire process.


When you qualify to become a Unites States Citizen, we will fill out the required forms and ensure you have access to all available information in order to successfully accomplish the naturalization exam.


If you have a relative abroad that you wish to bring to the United States to live permanently, we can assist you in filling out the petition and work with you throughout the process until you are reunited with your relatives in the United States.
We are also knowledgeable with petitions for spouses who are already living in the United States. The interview process can at times be difficult, but we are prepared to guide you through it, simplifying the process for you.

The above is a very brief and basic review of some of the various legal services we offer. Please contact either one of our centrally located offices for an appointment to explain further information pertaining to each category. We will be happy to assist you and evaluate your individual case, legal rights and needs.


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